Optimistic charterers help boost shipping confidence

Shipping confidence improved for the third successive quarter in the three months to end-November 2016, according to the latest Shipping Confidence Survey from international accountant and […]

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SGMF forms Environment group to study marine-fuel emissions

The Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF) will form its seventh working group in the new year, focusing on the environmental impact of LNG […]

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EU adopts list of approved ship recycling facilities

The European Commission has adopted the first version of the “European List of ship recycling facilities”, taking an important first step to help ensure that ships […]

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Communication key as industry prepares for 2020 global 0.50% sulphur cap

The goal has been clearly defined. Now it is time for stakeholders to prepare their game plan, and work together as a team to reach the […]

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Πλαίσιο συνεργασίας συνδιαμορφώνουν υπουργείο – Cosco

Να υπάρξει στενή συνεργασία μεταξύ του Οργανισμού Λιμένος Πειραιά, της τοπικής κοινωνίας και του υπουργείου Ναυτιλίας, προκειμένου να επιτευχθούν γρηγορότερα και πιο εύκολα οι στόχοι για […]

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EU adopts Port Regulation

The European Parliament has finalized a three years legislative process concerning the Port Services Regulation, also known now as Ports Regulation, by adopting  a report on the […]

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Total joins SEA\LNG

Total oil and gas company, has joined SEA\LNG industry coalition created toaccelerate the widespread adoption of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a marine fuel to support […]

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Global Shipping Industry Slams European Parliament Proposal to Impose Regional Emissions Trading System

The global trade association for shipowners, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), says that a unilateral decision by the European Union to incorporate international shipping into […]

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Αυξάνει μερίδιο ο ελληνόκτητος στόλος

Ο αριθμός των ελληνικών ναυτιλιακών εταιρειών συνεχίζει να μειώνεται, ωστόσο το μερίδιο του ελληνόκτητου στόλου στην παγκόσμια ναυτιλία συνεχίζεται να αυξάνεται. Αυτό είναι το συμπέρασμα που […]

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Ports Regulation – a stepping stone for genuine motorways of the sea

The European Parliament adopted today a report on the Regulation establishing a framework for the organisation of port services and financial transparency of ports presented by […]

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