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Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) is one of the fastest growing registries in the world. By investing in advanced technology, highly experienced staff and building on a foundation of a fully electronic registry, PISR continues to provide the highest standards of administrative, legal, technical and support functions to ship-owners and managers including documentation for ships and registering them under the Flag of the Republic of Palau. Having a set of unique SMART tools and a dedicated Deficiency Prevention System (DPS) with greater operational and cost-effective flexibility for ship owners, PISR is redefining the Ship Registration service and proves that the world’s oceans are big enough for a smart superior Flag.

Palau International Ship Registry has its European Head office in Piraeus, Greece with its USA Head Office in Houston. PISR is a flag of confidence and has 40 Deputy Registrars with a presence in 24 countries and has more than 100 Flag State Inspectors spread worldwide, assuring that PISR can offer truly 24/7 support for clients. PISR has active memberships in BIMCO, WIMA, Propeller Club and Helmepa, constantly providing its support to Greek and International maritime organizations and associations. PISR is tomorrow’s leader, today and globally known as a SMART registry with customer-centric focus offering differentiated, innovative and reliable solutions for ship-owners and managers.


ABS, a leading global provider of classification and technical advisory services to the marine and offshore industries, is committed to setting standards for safety and excellence in design, construction and operation. Focused on safe and practical application of advanced technologies and digital solutions, ABS works with industry and clients to develop accurate and cost-effective compliance, optimized performance and operational efficiency for marine and offshore assets.

Through a global network across 70 countries, ABS delivers services and solutions to clients—using the same consistent approach when applying various rules and requirements—providing core competencies of survey and engineering. This commitment to service is what distinguishes ABS as a true class leader and a trusted partner to our clients throughout the life of their assets.
Standing on its record of independence, exceptional class service, safety and technology leadership, ABS delivers value at every stage of development of an offshore asset or marine vessel.

Bureau Veritasbv-logo

Bureau Veritas is a world leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification services, serving the marine and offshore industries, providing classification, certification, and technical services – including fuel testing.

BV works closely with clients to help them optimize the safety and performance of their assets. Active across all ship types, BV provides leading expertise in a wide variety of specialized vessels including LNGs, ultra large containers, FSRU/FSUs and expedition class cruise ships.

A key area for BV is supporting safety and new technology across the gas supply chain and is the classification market leader in new orders for LNG fueled ships and LNG bunker vessels.

Created in 1828, the Group has over 74,000 employees in about 1,400 offices and laboratories worldwide and a coherent network of 2.300 high qualified marine surveyors and experts, operating on 180 survey center stations covering 90 countries. BV is listed on Euronext Paris and belongs to the Next 20 index.

DESFA (Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator)desfa-logo

The Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator (DESFA) was founded in 2007 and is the owner of the National Natural Gas System (NNGS), consisted of the National Natural Gas Transmission System and the LNG Terminal of Revithoussa .In 2018, the ownership of the operator changes by the acquisition of the 66% of DESFA by the Senfluga consortium, comprising of Snam, Enagas and Fluxys, three leading European natural gas transmission companies. DESFA becomes a strategic player in SE Europe, standing out among the Top of Europe in the energy sector.

As the exclusive operator of the NNGS, DESFA aims to serve its Users with safety, reliability and efficiency. In this context, the company offers to major market players services regulated by RAE, as well as non-regulated ones.

The Terminal, located on the islet of Revithoussa at Megara, is a strategic energy asset, functioning as an energy gate for the wider region. It offers increased capability to meet peak gas demand and security of supply through LNG imports from diversified sources, while maintaining an impeccable safety record, since its commissioning in 2000.

DESFA paves the way to the Small Scale LNG era, with two ongoing infrastructures at Revithoussa: i) a truck loading station for delivering LNG to off-grid consumers for bunkering & other uses and ii) a small scale LNG jetty for the loading of: bunker vessels with marine LNG and feeder vessels for the supply of satellite LNG installations.

Possessing extensive experience as a gas infrastructure operator, as well as in cryogenic infrastructures and relying on a highly skilled personnel, DESFA is a reliable partner and an active player to the ongoing small scale LNG developments and energy projects, both in Greece and beyond.

OCEANKING SA30 years with oceanking  copy

OCEANKING is a leading technical and commercial marine company established in 1989 in Piraeus, comprising qualified and experienced Marine Engineers, Naval Architects and Electronic Engineers, with shipbuilding, ship repairing, sales and ship operations experience.

OCEANKING is certified by LRQA in accordance with ISO 9001 since 2006 and is considered to be the leading company in Piraeus, when it comes to representation, promotion, sales and support for marine equipment and systems.
Our mission is to provide the Greek Maritime community with technical and commercial services of high added value, quality and reliability, in co-operation with our Principals, who are market leaders in their field, thus creating satisfied customers, who will consider OCEANKING and its Principals as long term partners and their preferred suppliers.

OCEANKING’s main activities can be summarized as follows:
Equipment representatives and suppliers of Marine Equipment for:
Engine Room / Propulsion
 Deck / Hull
Electrical / Electronic
Cryogenic Technologies for LNG, for both onshore and offshore applications
Supply of Eco Technologies & Systems in compliance with the latest marine environmental regulations
Integrated after sales support services, for the provision of spare parts, servicing, repairs, and training.
 Service providers, Electromechanical and Automation, for Exhaust Gas Cleaning systems
 Equipment retrofits (EPC) for Scrubbers and LNG as fuel systems
 Repair services for marine equipment
 Specialized equipment and systems for Navy, Defence and on-shore applications
 Purchasing consultancy for ship equipment.

Our aim is to provide cost efficient, reliable and functional solutions with quality and safety in mind, in order to satisfy the increasingly demanding needs of our customers.


RINA at a glance

We provide a wide range of services across the Energy, Marine, Certification, Transport & Infrastructure and Industry sectors

RINA is the excellence behind excellence, a global corporation that leads industries to success. We work closely with customers, assisting them in the most effective, safe and sustainable way across the Energy, Marine, Certification, Transport & Infrastructure and Industry sectors.

Through a global network of 3.700 talented professionals, operating in 170 offices in 65 countries, we back up the market operators across the entire life cycle of their projects.

Studio Navale Maritime & Technical LtdStudio Navale logo

30 years associating with ships’ technical issues

Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd, well known as Studio Navale, is a leading technical and consulting company, with specialization to ships and floating structures, established in 1987 in Piraeus, with the scope of providing the ultimate available level of services, to shipping and industrial Clients.

Strategic aim of Studio Navale is the provision of quality services to the Shipping Industry, being a certified firm against the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Over and above all, the goal of Studio Navale is, the deployment of the resources and submittal of deliverables at the highest possible quality and safety standards.

Among the significant projects of the last years, within an international clientele, there are several modifications of any types, numerus mooring items modifications for Neopanamax ships, installations for Ballast Water Treatment Systems, engineering works for the separation of fuel tanks and engineering studies for installations of exhaust gas scrubbers.
All Studio Navale projects are accompanied with very detailed documentation, so to minimize the plan approval time and assist the shipyards during the prefabrication process.

Studio Navale can provide a full range of engineering support services, as required by the Shipowners or Shipyards to assist with tenders, modification conceptual up to detailed engineering, production design, as well as day-to-day assistance during ships’ management operations.