Shortsea Shipping Days 2019

Shortsea Shipping Days 2019

Thursday, 13 June, 2019
Yacht Club


Short Sea Shipping is one of the most important subsectors of maritime transport in EU. Based on Eurostat’s data for 2018, at European level, nearly 75% of the Union’s external trade and 37% of the internal is conducted by sea, while SSS represents almost 60% of the total maritime transport of goods in EU ports. SSS is considered crucial for the establishment of efficient multimodal logistics chains, and a sustainable alternative to road transport.

The recent economic crisis, the new environmental regulations and the emergence of new markets generate multiple challenges but also opportunities. The ability and preparedness of the sector to correspond to the new conditions will determine its future performance and efficiency.

Shortsea Days is an established conference, organized on annual basis, focusing on the latest developments of Shortsea Shipping in European level and the emerged trends and opportunities of the sector, while emphasizing the significant contribution of SSS to the development of European economies.

Shortsea Days constitutes a meeting point that brings together all the actors of the supply chain to discuss on common problems and concerns, to present new solutions and share best practices in the maritime industry and the logistics.

Shortsea Days is organized under the auspices of European Shortsea Network.


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