Wondering where a European liner ship is just now? When it arrives? Which ships a shipping line have? Here is the answer!

​Go to ShortSeaSchedules ( Click +Ships in the top menu. You can now see all the ships of all our partners in Northern Europe (It may take some time if there are many ships). If you click on one of the ships, you see who it belongs to, where it is heading and when it will arrive. To get the ships to disappear press -Ship.

If you just want to see the ships for a particular shipping line, select the line in «Shipping lines and services». You can also search for a line by writing the line’s name. If you choose a specific route, you see only ships engaged in this route. (We also show the routes of lines who are not partners, but for these we have not added the ship positions.) You can also click the partner logo at the bottom left corner to select a partner. Remember that you always have to press +Ships to see the ships -Ships to take them out.

If you follow a particular line or a route, you can obviously search it out and save a bookmark for it. You can also add maps on your own web pages with embed code. Please contact for tips on this.