A new Greek coalition has been developed known as ‘Marine LNG Network’ with the aim to enhance cooperation for promoting LNG bunkering operations. The Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners’ Association (HSSA) and the Green Shipowners’ Association of Passenger Shipping Companies (SEEN) are two of the 16 members that have joined forces to form this new coalition.

The ‘Marine LNG Network’ includes sixteen partners in total; ship owners, bunker suppliers, classification societies, port authorities and energy companies will cooperate to spread knowledge and exchange best practices for implementing successfully LNG bunkering  in Greece.

This is said to be the first initiative in Southern Europe to support LNG bunkering in the region. Currently, POSEIDON MED initiative has engaged authorities towards the development of regulatory framework for LNG bunkering with a focus on the eastern Mediterranean region featuring five Member States (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia) involved.

source (article & photo): http://www.green4sea.com/greek-coalition-formed-for-lng-bunkering/