SSS traffic has experienced a substantial increase over the last years. Indicative of that is the fact that during the 2001-2010 cargo volumes recorded 12% growth rate. According to Eurostat (2015) almost 1.7 million tones of freights were transported in the EU-28 in 2013 through SSS.However, traffic records the same volumes’ levels as in 2010 attributed to the financial crisis. In terms of geography the Mediterranean accounts for about 29% of total SSS tonnage, meaning 570 million tonnes for 2013. (Source: Eurostat, 2015)

SSS in Greece


Κατανομή ελληνόκτητου στόλου ΝΜΑ

Based on the study of Blue Growth, SSS is the third most important maritime activity in Greece, with its added value estimated at 3.63 billion euro for 2012. The sector employs more than 1.600 person on board and almost 15.000 person to complementary and support activities.

- The Greek and Greek-owned fleet accounts more than 770 vessels of 500-20.000 gt. The major ship category is this of tanker which represents almost half of the total fleet. The average size is approximately 7.500 dwt and its corresponding average age is 23 yrs old.

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