HSSA operates the following committees:

1. Shipping Policy Committee
The core objective of the Sh.P.C is the improvement of the competitiveness and performance of the Greek fleet. The Committee aims at the study, elaboration and proposal of measures to the Ministry of Mercantile Marine in line with the national and EU directives. Moreover, deals with particular problems faced at national level, either in direct contact with the relevant authorities and aided by the Ministry or through the EU Round Tables.

commiteesSh.P.C Members:

2. Technical and Environmental Committee
The technical and Environmental Committee aims at improving industry’s environmental performance ensuring that our companies members are aware of the relevant International and European legislation. The Tech.E.C. studies and elaborates regulation and provides technical reviews and support to each member. Moreover, it collaborates with other stakeholders and non-governmental organizations and academia for the adoption of environmental advanced practices.

commitees Μέλη Τεχνικής & Tech. E.C Members:

3. Multimodal and Inland Navigation Committee
SSS Committee aims at the elaboration of the EU legislation and the submission of specific proposals to the relevant EU bodies and the (European Shortsea Network). SSS Committee is responsible for the promotion of SSS to the relevant stakeholders in national level.

commitees SSS Members:

4. Port Committee
The Port Committee aims at identifying, elaborating and proposing solutions to the practical obstacles faced by our members while calling to the ports of the Mediterranean, focusing predominately on the Greek ports.

commitees P.C. Members:

5. Maritime Education Committee
The ME Committee focuses on issues of maritime labor and education providing to its members updates on new requirements and technical assistance. The ME Committee collaborates with educational institutions and marine academies to ensure the improvement of MET conditions.

commitees MEC Members: